Dec 9, 2016

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Is Mental Impotence Associated To What We Eat

ed reverser system‘You are what you eat’, or so the saying goes. To a great extent, this saying has proven to be true. Healthy people are people who eat healthy, and unhealthy people? Well, same goes. While an ed reverser system declared this, i had to do series of researches to get a handful details.

Over 80% of obessed people consume foods that lead to one putting on weight, same goes for diabetics and malnourished people. However, the role of nutrition in mental impotence is not clearly understood. The question that begs answering is this, Is mental impotence associated with what we eat?

The truth is there is NO direct answer to this question. Directly, what you eat will not lead to mental impotence but it could over time bring complications that will ultimately end in mental impotence.

Mental impotence is a function of psychological rather than physical causes. Stress, depression, anxiety, trauma, worries and mood disorders all lead to mental impotence so where is the connection with nutrition.

What you eat to a huge extent determines how healthy you are. Health conditions and diseases like high blood pressure and cholesterol, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and more are linked to what one eats. While having these  ed reverser systemdiseases do not directly count as psychological, living with them provides a constant source of worry and could lead to depression.

Eating healthy is one way to avoid these complications. Not only do these diseases constitute a source of worry, they can lead to physical problems as well. High blood pressure and cholesterol levels lead to heart diseases which in turn restrict blood flow and hardens the arteries. The nerves to the penis could be damaged in this way giving rise to performance anxieties.

While there is no direct link between nutrition and mental impotence, it’s best to stay on the good side, eat well and proper to avoid any diseases which could bring worries and possibly, result in mental impotence.