Dec 9, 2016

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How Eating Right Can Help You Manage Diabetes

I bet you never knew diabetes was this deadly.7 steps to health free pdf downloadOf the hundreds of thousand deaths recorded daily, 4150 are directly from diabetes and a further 6050 from high glucose problems.

While diabetes is on the rise, it can be treated or managed through adequate medication, physical activity and very importantly, eating right. Eating right is in no deprivation, just eating tasty, healthy balanced diet. So here is how eating right can help you manage your diabetes. ( some of these ideas are in 7 steps to health free pdf download)

  1. Consume a variety of foods: balanced diet as it is known is a meal that contains all the classes of food. TO manage your diabetes, you will need to introduce this balancing act in your diet. Pick foods from the different food classes daily.
  2. Increase your vegetable and fruit intake: fruits are known to contain fibre, minerals and vitamins 7 steps to health free pdf downloadessential to the body. Together with vegetables, especially the non-starchy ones eg carrots, leafy greens etc, your diet will be more complete and sugar cravings will be cut down.
  3. Cut down on your salt intake: this together with an increased pepper, herb and seasoning use will prevent complications such as high blood pressure which high salt intake will likely exacerbate.
  4. Make sure to follow a definite eating pattern: never skip meals. Find out what works best for you be it three square meal or just twice and snacks. Just do not allow yourself go hungry.
  5. Eat less fat and choose healthy carbohydrates: choose lean meat, poultry, fish, increase your fibre consumption by taking whole grains. This helps slow digestion to prevent blood sugar spikes.
  6. Watch the quantities you consume: make it a habit to keep a record of what you eat and drink and the proportions.

Remember that feeding habits contribute to the causes of diabetes so taking back control of your feeding is important in managing your condition. You might have been encouraged to consume certain foods. But the question remains – Will this help your diabetic state. 7 steps to health and the big diabetes lie pdf free download reveals most of those diabetes issues needing clarifications.